Burning & Campfires

Burning trash, recyclables, leaves, limbs, tree stumps or yard debris of any kind, whether in an open fire or in a barrel-type container, is strictly prohibited in the Township.  This prohibition has been in effect since the spring of 2012.

The Township provides a wide range of services that make disposing of material by burning unnecessary.  These services include:

  • Weekly Curbside Collection of Trash and Recycling.
  • Monthly Curbside Bulk Trash Collection
  • Six Curbside Yard Waste Collection dates per year.
  • Four Leaf Collection weeks per year.
  • A limited Wood Chipping Service performed by Township Public Works staff is available on request.
  • The Township operates a Recycle Drop-Off Center.
  • The Township co-sponsors multiple Hazardous Household Waste Collection Events throughout the year.
  • The Township co-sponsors an annual Shredding & E-Waste Recycling Event.
Full details about the services above are available on the Trash, Recycling, Chipping & Yard Waste Page.

No bonfire or other uncontained fire shall be kindled or permitted to burn whenever drought or extreme weather conditions exist, or when a ban on outdoor burning has been placed into effect by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, or the Supervisors of East Brandywine Township. Notice of such restrictions shall be given by notice in a newspaper of general circulation, by posting of a notice at the Township Office, and any other such notice as the Township may deem necessary.

No one shall kindle or maintain any bonfire or other uncontained fire, or authorize any such fire to be kindled or maintained, unless:

  • A burning permit is obtained from the Township Secretary during normal working hours.
  • The Township Fire Marshal shall be notified when deemed necessary to approve said burning by the Township Secretary.
  • No fire shall be permitted to be kindled or maintained within 50 feet of any structure, or within 15 feet of any combustible material. Provisions shall be made to prevent the fire from spreading to within 50 feet of any structure or 15 feet of any combustible material.
  • Bonfires or uncontained outdoor fires shall be limited to three consecutive days, and shall be restricted to daylight hours only. Fires shall not be permitted to burn or smolder after dark.
  • In the event it is necessary to have an uncontained fire at times other than specified tinder the terms of this chapter, special permission shall be secured from the Township Fire Marshal, and the East Brandywine Fire Company shall also be notified.
  • No uncontained fire shall be maintained unless constantly attended by at least one person over 18 years of age, until extinguishment.
  • Any uncontained fire permitted to burn in an unsafe manner, during adverse weather conditions, or unsupervised, or if determined unsafe by the Township Fire Marshal, or an official of the East Brandywine Fire Company, shall be immediately extinguished upon demand by such official or their agents.
  • No one shall kindle or maintain any bonfire or uncontained fire which conflicts with any provisions of this chapter, or the terms set forth on the burning permit.