Trash, Recycling, Chipping & Yard Waste



East Brandywine Township provides the following services:

  • Weekly Curbside Collection of Trash and Recycling.  This service is available to all residential and limited commercial properties.  Regularly scheduled for Tuesdays, the service is periodically bid out to waste haulers--The current provider is A.J. Blosenski.
  • Monthly Curbside Bulk Trash Collection.  Provided by A.J. Blosenski, this service is always the last collection of each month.
  • Six Curbside Yard Waste Collection dates per year.  Provided by A.J. Blosenski, this new service is performed monthly during the summer months.  Collection is typically the last Saturday of May, June, July, August, September and October--be sure to click "View All" on the calendar on the right for exact dates.
  • Four Leaf Collection weeks per year.  Township Public Works staff use a vacuum trailer to collect leaves for composting. Click "View All" on the calendar on the right for exact dates.
  • A limited Wood Chipping Service performed by Township Public Works staff is available on request.  The Township further offers tree Mulch for Sale (including delivery) to residents.
  • The Township operates a Recycle Center, accepting the same materials that are taken during curbside recycling collection, available to residents 365 days a year and 24 hours a day at the Township Building located at 1214 Horseshoe Pike. Please do not leave yard waste, leaves, or branches at the Recycle Center.
  • The Township operates a Christmas Tree-Drop Off Location in the weeks following the holidays at the Township Building located at 1214 Horseshoe Pike. Please do not leave yard waste, leaves, or branches at the Recycle Center.
  • The Township co-sponsors multiple Hazardous Household Waste Collection Events throughout the year.
  • The Township co-sponsors an annual Shredding & E-Waste Recycling Event with surrounding communities in Western Chester County.
  1. Curbside Recycling
  2. Curbside Trash & Bulk
  3. Yard Waste & Leaves
  4. Chipping & Mulch

Curbside Recycling:


  • Tuesday is the pick up day for recycling (effective January 1, 2020).  Please place recyclables at curbside on Monday evening or early Tuesday morning (before 5:30 AM) for pick up.
  • Recyclables are picked up at curbside once per week.  Residents may also utilize our Recycling Center, located at 1214 Horseshoe Pike any day of the week.
  • In 2016 the Township received a Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection grant funding to replace our small bins with these new Toter Brand single-stream carts that have larger capacity, lids to prevent recyclables from blowing away, and that are compatible with automated collection. There are two sizes of Toters--with 64 and 35 gallon capacities.
    • The 64-gallon Toter was the default container for most stops and any resident whose home received a smaller container can get a larger one by simply asking for it. 
    • The 35-gallon Toter was provided by default to those homes with very long driveways. This smaller cart will also be provided on request to senior citizens and those with mobility disabilities. 
    • In extremely rare instances, such as town homes without garages, no cart was delivered at all--the small legacy bins were retained.
20160127 Recycle Cart Selection

  • Put your address on your Township-provided containers for identification; they are your responsibility if lost or stolen.  Please contact the Township at 610-269-8230 for a replacement if necessary.
  • All residents must participate in our recycling program.
  • Annual fee for recycling is $85.00 per residence, itemized on your real estate tax bill.

Recyclable Items

  • #1 thru #7 Plastics (milk, water & soda bottles, laundry care products, and prepared food containers).  Plastic bags, even when marked with a number, are never acceptable.
  • Clear, Green & Brown Glass (beer, liquor and soda bottles, food jars).
  • Aluminum, Steel & Tin (beverage and food cans).
  • Mixed Paper (newspapers, magazines, phone books, catalogs, cereal boxes, paper grocery bags, office paper, books, envelopes, letters, junk mail, wrapping paper, and similar paper products).
  • Cardboard (small boxes) must be flattened.
  • Corrugated Boxes (large boxes) must be flattened and taken to the East Brandywine Township drop-off facilities at 1214 Horseshoe Pike.  They are not accepted at curbside.

Unacceptable Recycle Items

  • Light bulbs
  • Drinking glasses
  • Ceramic cups and plates
  • Mirrors
  • Paint cans
  • Caps or lids
  • Food wrappers
  • Plastic bags
  • Tyvek plastic envelopes
  • Tissues, towels, and napkins
  • Wax or plastic coated boxes
  • Metallic wrapping paper
  • Plate glass/window glass
  • Crystal
  • Flower Pots
  • Ovenware
  • Oil cans or bottles
  • Yard waste or limbs
  • Scrap metal
  • Electronics and batteries

How To Prepare Your Recyclables

  • Cans, bottles, jars and plastics should be rinsed clean.
  • Compress plastics and cans to reduce volume; do not break glass.
  • All recyclable items may be commingled in any Township-provided container!