Property Taxes & Assessments

East Brandywine Township Refuse / Recycling

Annual Tax Notices are mailed to property owners during the month of March and are included on the Annual Tax Notice and cover the calendar year (January through December). These fees are payable to "EBT Tax Account." Your Escrow Account should include both items if you receive the service(s). The cost of refuse removal for 2022 is $165.00 per year. The cost for recycling is $85.00 per year. If fees are are not paid by June 30 of each year, the process of filing a lien will begin within 10 days.

Chester County Real Estate Tax

Chester County Tax Bills are mailed to property owners mid January and cover the calendar year. This tax is payable to the County Treasurer and may be included in an escrow account. The tax rate for 2022 is 4.551 mills.

East Brandywine Township Real Estate Tax

Annual Tax Notices are mailed to property owners the first week in March and cover the calendar year.  This tax is payable to "EBT Tax Account," and may be included in an escrow account. The 2022 tax levy for general township general purposes remains 2.500 mills.  In 2017, the Board of Supervisors enacted an additional Fire Services Tax on all non-exempt properties in the Township.  This Fire Services Tax replaces the Fire Hydrant Tax assessed on properties near fire hydrants, which has been repealed.  The assessment is charged a total of 0.530 mills for 2022.

Downingtown Area School District Real Estate Tax

Original Notices are mailed to property owners mid-June and cover the fiscal year (July 1 - June 30).  This tax is payable to the school district and may be included in an escrow account. The current millage rate for 2022 is 27.7260 mills.

Interim Real Estate Tax

Interim Tax Notices can be generated at any time during the year as a result of County Assessment of new construction, an improvement to a property, the addition of a pool, deck or garage, etc. Each taxing authority (the School District, County and EBT) will send out an interim bill when a new assessment is completed by Chester County.  Payment of interim bills is the responsibility of the homeowner--There are no funds for this purpose in escrow accounts.

Earned Income Tax

A 1.125% earned income tax will be deducted from your earnings by your employer for 2022. This tax is collected by Keystone Collections Group. (0.625% of this amount is for the Township, and 0.500% is for the Downingtown Area School District).  A portion of the earned income tax collected by the Township (0.125%) is earmarked for the Open Space Program.

Local Services Tax

A $52.00 fee for the calendar year 2022 is payable to "Keystone Collections Group" for anyone employed in East Brandywine Township.

Last revised: February 7, 2022