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About the Parks & Recreation Committee

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 The Parks and Recreation Committee advises the Board of Supervisors on the development and maintenance of East Brandywine Township's three park sites: the Community Park on Dilworth Road; Spatola Park on Raleigh Drive, and Hopewell Field on Township Road. The volunteers of this committee also host events such as the Community Day and fund-raisers for programmed park improvements such as a Golf Outing and the Run for the Parks 5K.  A fourth park, Bondsville Mill Park, opened to the public in 2015 and its development is being overseen by a separate committee.

Opportunities for active recreation, in the form of youth leagues for team sports, are created and managed by the East Brandywine Youth Association (EBYA) an independent non-profit organization that enjoys priority access to, and shares in the maintenance of, the Township's athletic fields.

East Brandywine is one of eight municipal members that, along with the Downingtown Area School District, comprise the Downingtown Area Recreation
Consortium (DARC)
. DARC is a regional municipal recreation organization that
offers recreation, adult education, and youth learning opportunities. The Township contributes financially to the administrative and program costs; user fees also are charged to cover operating costs of DARC's various programs.


The East Brandywine Parks and Recreation board was created in 1990.

“The Brown family, who owned a farm on Dilworth Road, approached the Township and asked if the community would like to buy some of the land,” recalls Jimm Worrell, a founding member of the Board. “The Township agreed to buy 10 acres.” The agreement said that it could later buy more.  This was the beginning of today’s Community Park, which extended to today’s 60-plus acres in two further steps.

At the time, the Township already owned two parks: Spatola Park on Raleigh Drive, and Hopewell Field on Township Road. With the addition of a third park, the Township decided it needed a separate body to oversee all three, and so the Park & Recreation Board came into being with an initial eight members.

Our Complete 2019 Events Line-Up

May 21: Memorial Day Events

20190527 Memorial Day Display

June 7: Hotel Transylvania 3

20190607 Movie 1

June 1: DNR in Concert

20190601 Summer Concerts

June 15: School of Rock

20190615 Summer Concerts

June 24: Golf Outing

20190624 Parks Golf Outing

July 13: Flatland Drive

20190713 Summer Concerts

July 20: The Grinch

20190720 Movie 2

August 9: Wonder Park

20190809 Movie 3

August 17: Community Day

20190817 Community Day

October 13: Fall Festival

20181014 Fall Fest

August 17: Run for the Parks

20180818 Run for the Parks

December 1: Tree Lighting

20191201 Tree Lighting